Introducing Easy Image Crop WordPress Plugin

22nd of April 2013

I have not been monitoring this site for some time now. Sorry for any trouble this may have caused.
I will not be monitoring this site in the future either. If anyone would like to continue work on the code I put together or wants to do there own plugin based on my idea. Feel free to do so! I’m looking forward to see some more advanced interface plugins. I think wordpress needs it.


I recently worked on a web site with a design that included multiple custom image sizes. I quickly found that the standard WordPress image cropping tool didn’t have enough flexibility to support the needs to control how each image size was cropped.

To deal with the limitations of the crop process I developed the Easy Image Crop WordPress Plugin and I’m now considering releasing it to the world.

What is the Easy Image Crop WordPress Plugin?

Basically the Easy Image Crop (EIC) plugin enables a super intuitive WYSIWYG interface that allows you to crop your images in place, meaning that you are cropping your images in the frontend rather than the backend allowing you to see the result instantly.

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